Friday, 4 July 2014

Wrestlers for Hire - Visiting Paris & Amsterdam

Week Beginning 20th July: During this week the following wrestlers plan to visit both Paris and Amsterdam: Aaron Aurora Jack Dillon Luke Desmond Shane Stevens The exact dates they will be in either city have yet to be finalised. Those dates will depend on which of our clients/fans want to book the guys and when. The trip will depend on their being sufficient bookings to make it financially worthwhile. As travel and accommodation has to be covered the fees for all the wrestlers will be as follows: 1 Hour = 320 Euros 2 Hours = 560 Euros 3 hours = 780 Euros The fees listed above are the same for all the wrestlers and they are all happy to take on any type or style of match/booking. If you are based in or near Paris or Amsterdam and would like to book one or more of those wrestlers listed above, then please get in touch with us ASAP. This is a rare opportunity to have 4 guys to choose from so please make the most of it. If you are based in another area and cannot travel to either Paris or Amsterdam, drop us a line. We may be able to travel to you! The sooner we hear from guys in the Paris & Amsterdam areas regarding bookings, the sooner we will be able to confirm dates and set this trip up. Below are some extra details on the guys: Aaron Aurora: Like Jack, Aaron is based in East Anglia but is happy to travel nationwide. Aaron may look like he’s just left school but is in fact now 23 years old and has a reputation of being a scrapper. One fan likened him to looking like a tame “Labrador” but being more like a “Pit Bull”. Aaron prefers the amateur style but is happy to take on any type of booking. Aaron is 5’8” and around 8 ½ stones. Jack Dillon: Jack has been wrestling for around a year now and is more at home with the amateur style than the pro style. Jack has been taking 1:1 bookings for a few months and gets a very high percentage of re bookings as his fan base tell us that’s he’s the consummate professional. Jack is based in East Anglia but has a driver and is happy to travel nationwide. Jack’s 5’10” and weighs around 9 ½ stones. Jack will take on any type or style of booking and has fast earned himself the reputation of being a real “scrapper”. Luke Desmond: Manchester based Luke has been involved in wrestling for around 2 years. He’s more used to the amateur style but has had his time in the pro ring. During his amateur career he’s locked horns with Cameron Matthews, a match that led Cameron to comment on Luke’s high ability on the mats. Luke is happy to travel and he’s usually available at the start of a week rather than at weekends. Luke has a great gym trained body with a real 6 pack and stands 5’10 tall and is around 11 stones. Shane Stevens: Former World of Sport wrestler Shane Stevens is back taking private 1:1 bookings after recovering from a knee injury. Shane has over 30 years professional and amateur wrestling experienced and is happy to take on any type of match or booking. During his ring career Shane regularly tagged with the likes of Giant Haystacks, Fit Finlay, Rollerball Rocco, Mighty Quinn, Rasputin and Kendo Nagasaki. During that long career he’s done ring battle with Tony St.Clair, Dave Taylor, Johnny Saint, Johnny Kidd, Steve Grey, Clive Myers, Pete Roberts, Barry Douglas, WWE stars Yokozuna, Earthquake and Jim Neidhart. Danny Collins, the one and only Big Daddy, to name but a few. Shane currently stands at 6’2” and weighs in at 23 stones. Although based in the west midland’s Shane is happy to travel nationwide and internationally.

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