Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Skip Vance Is Coming To The UK

The hugely popular BG East wrestler Skip Vance has now confirmed that he's heading across the Atlantic for a 2 week visit to the UK. While he's here he plans to undertake as many private 1:1 matches as he can. Many of you will appreciate that Skip recently went through a period of ill health, when at times it seems as if he'd never be fit enough to wrestle again. But he's now back at his fighting best, in fact he tells me that he's now fitter than he's ever been and is putting himself through a grueling training schedule ready for his trip to the UK. Skip has been one of BG East's most popular guys since making his debut there a few years back. He's an accomplished mat wrestler and has also taken on many opponents in the ring. However it's as a mat wrestler that he's best known. While in the UK he intends to take on all those who want to book him. While in the UK Skip will be based in London and Manchester, but he's also quite willing to travel around the country. So even if you are not close to either there two cities, Skip will be happy to travel to you. Equally Skip is happy to take on a wide variety of match. So it's not just straight forward wrestling matches he's prepared to undertake. As Skip put it to me last night "I've done a few XXX type matches for BG East and finished up with my trunks off and more. So most guys have seen all I have to offer. So I'm quite happy to wrestle in Speedos, Jock Straps, Thongs, in Oil, or completely NAKED!. Ill also take on guys in Jack Off matches so we have a great messy finish to a match...lol". So if you want something a little more raunchy than a "normal" wrestling match, then Ski your man. Ski will be in the UK from early to mid June and bookings will be taken on a first come basis. I have no doubt that Skip will be very polar and that his diary will fill fast. So anyone interested in booking Skip can contact me for further details at:: theshanestevens@gmail.com

Paul Hudson

We are very must still hoping that Paul Hudson will visit the UK later this year. We are always in touch with Paul and certainly hope that he may be able to make a 7 day visit before the end of 2013.

Skip Vance

It's only a few days since we mentioned that Skip Vance had agreed to come to the UK to undertake private match bookings. But already we have been inundated with requests for bookings with this popular BG East wrestler. Even though we have not yet announced the dates he will be in the UK we already have sufficient interest to fill a weeks worth of bookings! So it has to be said that Skip is proving as popular in the UK as he is in the States. Anyone wanting further details regarding Skip's visit can e-mail me on: theshanestevens@gmail.com

Monday, 29 April 2013

Teenage star Terry Isit seen here in both posed and action shots. Terry is one of the up and coming stars regularly featuring on the ECW programme around the UK.