Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cameron Matthews

Due to a few cancellations in both Berlin and Amsterdam, Cameron Matthews now has some free time available in both Manchester and London. So if anyone out there would still like o have a meet with this enigmatic American wrestler there's still time. You can contact Cameron through our own mobile number which is: 07449 488 914......

New Websites

Seab Mann, seen here, is one of the wrestlers who's going to be available on the new fightlads.net website. Both that site and the sister site, fightlads.com will be operating before the end of next week, so please watch this space....We'll keep you updated...

Wrestling Action

Here are some good looking guys in wrestling action...hope you all enjoy.

Cute Wrestlers

Here are a few good looking wrestlers for you to have a look at. Hope you enjoy the eye candy....

Callum McKenzie

Sorry for the slow updates to the blog. As you'll all know I'm currently on the road with Cameron Matthews and simply have not had a chance to get any updates done. I hope to rectify that and keep the new updates happening daily. Last night Cameron was involved in a filming session for the Spotland Scrappers, which involved him in 3 separate matches. A solo match against Callum McKenzie, pictured here, then a tag match and the evening finished with an over the top rope rumble.....An enjoyable evening was had by all and the DVD shot last night will soon be available from Spotland Scrappers. Cameron now has a couple of days available as he's had some cancellations and will not now be travelling to either Berlin or Amsterdam. Anyone wishing to book Cameron can do so by contacting us on 07449 488 914.....

Thursday, 14 February 2013

New Websites

We had hoped to launch both the two new Fightlads websites this coming weekend. But we now fear that it will be the end of the month before we get them off the ground. I thought builders were the ones that are always behind schedule, but on this occasion it seems that website builders are just as slow in getting the finished product ready. Please be assured that we will launch both new websites ASAP and until that actually happens we'll keep you posted on an almost daily basis...Sorry for the delay but we want them to work when they are launched and at this moment in time there are a few areas that simply do not seem to want to work smoothly!

Skip Vance

We understand that Skip Vance is now somewhat better following his bought of ill health. Although there is still a long way for him to go before he can start wrestling again, he has at least started to improve. We still wish Skip all the best as we do his partner Christian Taylor. But we thought it time we featured a few shots of Skip again.....

Gabriel Ross

We are always being asked for more shots of UK porn star turned wrestler Gabriel Ross. So here are a few more for your enjoyment. We hope to have some new photos of Gabriel in the near future.