Friday, 30 November 2012

More Embarrassing Leotard Action

Here are a few more shots of guys who might prefer it if their leotards covered them up just a little better. All these guys seem to have become a little too excited with their

Rio Gaza

Rio Gaza, a BG East wrestler showing his lean mean body of to good effect. As well as having a tight muscled body he also has a great bubble butt and winning smile....

More of Kid McCoy

Here are a few more shots we have found of World of Sport favorite Kid McCoy...Hope you enjoy!

Jonah Richards

BG East favorite Jonah Richards, seen here in action and posed shots. Richards has been a mainstay of BG East for a few years now and never fails to perform when matched against an equally sexy homoerotic opponent.

Gabriel Ross

A few photo's of British porn star and now BG East wrestler Gabriel Ross. Before turning his attentions to wrestling Ross was well known for his appearances in gay porn DVD's for the likes of: LoadXXX and Prowler. But it's now with wrestling that we associate Ross and that rather large weapon and bubble butt he has!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Embarrassing shots of guys in wrestling leotards!

Wrestling is often thought of as being a bit "gay" and certainly homoerotic. But when you look at the selection of somewhat embarrassing photo's below you can see why this is the case. Particularly with the leotards amateur wrestlers wear, tight form mugging and made of thin Lycra material. That combination makes for no hiding place if you happen to get a little excited when manhandling your opponent, or being manhandled by your opponent - enjoy!

More embarrassing shots

Another set of photo's that show just how homoerotic wrestling can be - especially to the guys taking part!

Embarrassing Leotard action

Here's selection #3

Ashley Ryder

British Porn Star and part time "hobby " wrestler Ashley Ryder. Seen here on his own and with fellow BG East grapplers "Brad Flash" and "Neil Hewitt". In recent years Ryder has made the foray into the UK "underground" wrestling scene and as well as appearing in a couple of BG East DVD's he's also been the host of the popular "Grapple 101" in London. Perhaps we are destined to see more of Ryder on the mats and less of him on the bed!

Reece Wells in pain!

The very cute and always homoerotic looking Reece Wells seen here suffering in the most excruciating ways wearing just a skimpy jock strap to keep his modesty from falling out! Wells has one of those bodies that's made to suffer...with not an ounce of excess fat between his muscles and skin, and the type of face every mother wants to kiss (not to mention most gay men as well!!!!)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

All Action Danny Steel

The young British wrestler Danny Steel, who always has something to say about most things! This all action star from Yorkshire is fast making a name for himself in All Star Wrestling rings around the UK. Seen here in action against the equally skillful Danny Chase, Steel is someone to watch out for in the future.